Protecting children from corona with black cumin oil

13 апреля 2020

By the late winter a child's body is weak due to vitamin deficiency. You end up with plenty of running noses in schools and kinder gardens in spring. The immunity can't resist awaken viruses. The scene is even more scary when the COVID-19 is threatening your family.

So, children can catch COVID-19. This is a fact.

They get it in a less severe form, than senior citizens do. Most of minor coronavirus patients had a symptomless form, the rest was having a mild form. But this does not mean you can neglect it. You should protect your children form COVID-19 because of these three reasons:

1. We do not know the consequences for survivors.

It is the first time we face coronavirus. The medicine does not know for sure what affect it can cause in the long run. What will the consequences for your body be? Researches will show, but they take a while. A long while.

2. The virus can mutate.

So far, the average patient age has dropped to 45. In Moscow 40% of patients with severe conditions (supported by artificial lung ventilation units) are under 40. Does it mean the virus is getting more dangerous for youngsters and kids?

3. Infected children are dangerous for adults

Even if your child has a mild form, it doesn't make him or her any less contagious. Children can infect their family members, such as moms, dads, grandmas and grandads. For them it may turn out a challenge. The most frightening thing now is a symptomless form in a child. As parents would not even know about the risk.

How black cumin oil helps with coronavirus

We know that major reasons of the illness and complication rate are weak immunity and chronical diseases. The latter is rare in children, yet a weak immune system is pretty common especially in spring.

Black cumin oil is an organic immunoamplifier. It triggers the thymus to fight with viral infections in the body. Besides, it relives symptoms of COVID-19 once a child has them.

  • It thins and loosens mucus in the lungs;
  • relieves fever;
  • eases inflammation;
  • improve overall condition.

Caution! Applicable only for kids over 3.

The ultimate effect is reached if the oil is taken course-wise 14-30 days each. A child is advised to have a half a teaspoon in the morning and in the evening 30-60 minutes prior to a meal. You can mix it with liquid honey subject to a dosage increased to 1 teaspoon.

Doctor Cumin wishes you and your beloved to be safe and sound

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