Peculiarities of diabetes treatment with black cumin

12 мая 2020

Scientists have not yet closed the chapter on diabetes treatment. Therefore, the patients are happy about any assistance. Even though the help comes from something really black. We mean black cumin.

Peculiarities of diabetes treatment with black cumin.

Most of patients diagnosed with diabetes are obsessed with lowering the blood sugar rate. That is why everything is so confusing about diabetes. People try to cure symptoms instead of causes.

Not to get too deep in details, it is important to understand that even a weak flame of a disease can be turned into a wildfire. Diabetes is easy to worsen:

  • if you keep being stressed;
  • if you pig out.

You may say it is your genes to blame, yet two reasons above prevail. The remedy is black cumin.

The first pillar of diabetes is stress.

Black cumin is an aromatic plant. That is why it can have different strength of impact on a human body. The range may vary from a light seduction to almost opiate effect. You can consume its essential oils while:

  • breathing in a scent of a fresh (or dried) plant;
  • chewing its seeds;
  • taking cumin oil.

The nervous system adjusted with plant essential oils will not make you overeat anymore due to stress. As the results, there is no more need in insulin hyper-production, endocrine profile and blood sugar rate become normal.

Another way black cumin products (both seeds and oils) influences a human body is a direct impact on the digestion organs. They adjust glands (pancreas, liver, intestine) and ensure a good digestion. You don't have to overeat anymore, the food you've eaten feels light and easy to digest.

It's been proven that black cumin oil agents can regulate and reduce blood sugar (glucose) rate in patients with diabetes.

If you have type I diabetes, you just don't have enough insulin in your blood, that results in blood sugar excess. If you have type I diabetes, you have troubled glucose absorption in cells and tissues (insulin is no help here).

Thymoquinone as one of cumin oil agents helps insulin work with glucose in patients with diabetes. This leads to blood sugar rate drop.

Thymoquinone in the oil helps restore the pancreas and prevents its destruction caused by toxins of different origin:

  • bacteria;
  • alcohol;
  • toxins produced by your body (e.i. ammonia).

The healthy and happy pancreas produces sufficient insulin.

Even more healing properties of the black cumin oil are yet to be studied. But it's been already proven as an effective mean in reducing blood sugar level. No doubt, it is wise to use this mean for treating diabetes.

It is good to use:

  • ground seeds of the plant combined with other vegetable materials;
  • cumin oil.

The latter is easier to absorb and faster to act. But it is also easier to overdose.

Side effects, overkill, precautions

Components of black cumin oils are quite active. Be careful when taking it. Non-observance of dosing and methods of administration may lead to overkill.

If blood sugar level drops too low (hypoglycaemia) нг can have:

  • disrupted heartbeat;
  • excessive sweating;
  • cloudy consciousness;
  • vision impairment.

Severe hypoglycaemia may cause seizures and coma (loss of consciousness and severe disorders of brain performance).

The remedy is good for diabetes unless you are hypersensitive to it or if you have any of the following side effects:

  • nausea;
  • abdominal distension or upset stomach;
  • diarrhoea;
  • vomiting.

Black cumin oil is counter-indicated:

  • for pregnant women with diabetes (regardless of the pregnancy term);
  • patient with diabetes who have had organs transplanted as cumin component may cause the transplanted organ expulsion.

Препарат при диабете хорошо переносится – за исключением гиперчувствительности организма, проявляющихся побочными эффектами:

  • тошнотой;
  • вздутием живота и дискомфортом в нём;
  • поносом;
  • рвотой.

Масло чёрного тмина категорически противопоказано:

  • беременным с диабетом (независимо от срока вынашивания);
  • диабетикам, перенёсшим трансплантацию органов – компоненты тмина своим воздействием способны привести к отторжению пересаженного органа.
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