Black cumin oil for men's health

27 мая 2020

Black cumin improves sexual vigor, libido and fertility. Black cumin oil is effective for preventing and treating prostatitis.

  1. Cumin contains phytosterols that facilitate production of male sexual hormone called testosterone. Consequently, libido is increased, blood flow in reproductive organs is better, sperm is more fertile.
  2. Cumin contains manganese and selenium useful for vigor and men's libido.
  3. Cumin has vitamin E in it improving the health of reproductive glands, that leads to better production of testosterone.
  4. Cumin has vitamin C in it, that benefits sperm motility.
  5. Black cumin oil facilitates blood supply and prevents inflammations.
    How to treat prostatitis, improve libido, sexual vigor and fertility with black cumin oil: Take 1 teaspoon of black cumin oil in the morning after breakfast. To treat prostatitis, you may combine the black cumin oil with pumpkin seed oil beneficial in this case. Apply black cumin oil to your lower back, scrotum and groin. Rub the oil in round movements until it is fully absorbed. It is important to combine application of black cumin oil and food that would favourably effect the testosterone level. These are, for example, cabbage family vegs, high-cellulose products, nuts and seeds). Make sure you eat little or no products that affect the testosterone production, for example, meat, milk, eggs that contain hormones, preservatives, or any junk food). There is no benefit in avoiding other methods helping with the testosterone level. Do physical exercises, play fast and loose with water, have a good sleep and sex, contrast shower, Chi Quong.
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