Black cumin oil for immune system

27 мая 2020

Black cumin oil stimulates the thymes in charge of the immune system. You can use cumin oil to enhance the body protective mechanisms when preventing or treating the illness.

At the early stage of the therapy some diseases may aggravate. The reason is actuation of the immune system. The body starts to fight with abandoned or slow diseases it didn't have enough strength to fight with before.

How to apply black cumin oil to strengthen your body and prevent health issues:

  1. Adults should take 1 teaspoon in the morning before a meal and 1 teaspoon in the evening before a meal.
  2. Children over 6 should take half a teaspoon a day in the morning before a meal.

Black cumin oil can be used as a vegetable salad dressing. For that you can mix it with fresh orange juice, or water, or honey. To generally strengthen your body, you should be taking black cumin oil for 2-4 months. Afterwards you should have a break.

This is a general therapy suitable for preventing and treating most of diseases black cumin proved to be favourable for.

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