Black cumin oil. Precautions.

27 мая 2020

Black cumin oil should be taken in moderately. If overdosed, it can be harmful for your health. Above that, in some cases both black cumin seeds and oil can be counter-indicated, if:

  1. You have idiocrasy towards black cumin.
  2. You are pregnant (black cumin may cause womb contraction).
  3. You have acute gastritis.
  4. You have big stones in kidneys, gall bladder, urinary bladder (black cumin can dissolve stones, yet in severe cases it can be dangerous as said before).
  5. You have recently had a heart attack.
  6. You have recently had any body parts transplanted.
  7. You have coronary heart disease, active thrombosis, thrombophlebitis (if you have any of these, you must not consume any amount of black cumin, however, if you don't, you are advised to take it as prevention. For more information read above).
  8. You have diabetes (black cumin is suitable for prevention of systemic diseases; other methods are used to treat them).
  9. Certain systemic diseases (if any, consult you therapist)
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