Black cumin oil for treating cancer

27 мая 2020

Cancer causes are a complicated thing. Usually cancer is caused by a number of physical and psychological reasons, therefore, treatment is the most effective when physical methods are combined with psychological ones.

So, what is the peculiarity of black cumin oil that makes it beneficial for treating and preventing cancer?

  1. Black cumin oil stimulates the thymus and enhances the immune system. We have said this before. Many healing properties of the oil are based on its favourable influence on the thymus. The immune system allows the body to exterminate any foreign tissues or mutating cells.
  2. Black cumin oil kills cancer cells. This happens because cumin contains a substance called thymoquinone. This substance has a dual effect. It kills cancer cells and prevent new cancer cells from occurrence:
  3. All the cells have a signal mechanism of programmed cell death (apoptosis). Apoptosis serves to kill mutated cells or cells infected with a virus. The immune system initiates apoptosis and the cell destroys itself. Cancer cells have a special protein blocking this process. Thymoquinone deactivates these proteins and prevents their formation. It allows the immune system to activate apoptosis in the cancer cells. To spread out cancer cells use a molecular mechanism related to inflammation and wound closing. When this mechanism actuates, it stimulates cell division. Thymoquinone prevents this process. Be careful, as this thymoquinone property may slow down wound closing. Limit your consumption of black cumin and its oil, if you have any wounds.
  4. Black cumin oil stimulates blood formation in the marrow. Such a stimulation effect belongs to black cumin essential oils. This ability makes black cumin a must for treating leukaemia (blood cancer).

The scientific proof of black cumin oil positive effect in treatment of cancer.

Unlikely to most folk medicine means advised for cancer treatment, black cumin oil has been tested in lab and clinical conditions. The findings prove cumin oil to be justified for treating cancer patients:

  • Cancer Immunology Discovery team from San Francisco, California confirmed that cumin essential oil stimulates blood formation in the marrow.
  • Various studies showed an active stimulation of the thymus, the organ in charge of the immune system development. This stimulation was caused cumin oils.
  • The researches proved thymoquinone efficiency in destroying cancer cells.

How to treat cancer with black cumin oil:

Black cumin is a remedy for both prevention and treatment of cancer. People are advised to take the oil or finely chopped black cumin seeds. Apply oil to outer affected areas.

However, the traditional medicine rarely includes black cumin oil in the cancer therapy as sometimes it doesn't match the chemotherapy and neutralizes X-ray therapy effects.

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